"Peterson brings an appealing naturalness"

-New York Times




“Peterson brings an appealing naturalness”
-New York Times, Thunder Rock

“Sometimes an actor inhabits the part of a famous person so well that we swear it's the real person … add Jed Peterson as Rudolf Nureyev in NUREYEV'S EYES to that very impressive list.”

“Peterson is a revelation … the ultimate characterization of Nureyev … not to be missed.”
-Broadway World, Nureyev's Eyes

“Peterson also stands out for his work between the acts ... entertaining patrons with various magic tricks”
-Chicago Sun Times, CHEERS: Live On Stage

“Lithe, charming and snappy, Jed Peterson is a winning Jack Worthing.”


“Peterson’s Gwendolen is a delirious highlight of the Reversed Casting.”
-TheatreScene, The Importance of Being Earnest

“A tall, slim Jed Peterson gracefully incarnates his dual portraits of the dimwitted Diego and the foxy Zorro.”
-New York Times, Zorro

“Jed Peterson vividly expresses Stephen Foster’s sexual and professional conflicts”
-Backstage, HARD TIMES: An American Musical

“He is the kind of actor you simply enjoy seeing on stage.”
-Cabaret Scenes, Excess Hollywood